Sentosa Battlestar Galactica


Hello my dearest readers! Look at this well-decorated halloween house nearby my house area. So surreal right?! Anyway, I spent my 2012 Halloween at Sentosa today!

Sentosa Halloween Horror Nights 2012 was a good eye-opening experience for me! I saw lots of weirdo costume make-ups of people, heard spooky sounds around every single street, smelt bad smells in haunted houses and brushed my body through real-alike corpses and all. Mad queues and overcrowding everywhere; nothing’s new.

The scariest thing that happened to me was being courageous enough to ride Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN (Red roller coaster) which zoomed at 82.8km/h and made my heart drop from 14 storeys more than once.

Torturous. I still feel chilly whenever I recall that OMG Imma die feeling. I’m so glad to be typing this experience down for thankfully that goes to show I’m still alive right?! *pat on my own back* I will NEVER try it again. NEVER EVER. I don’t know what kind of guts came over me that made me try it. Thank god that I’m still alive and kicking. This was so much scarier than ALL OF THE HALLOWEEN STUFF today.

We were enjoying and simply going through the motion to see blood, chopping, etc~

We didn’t manage to complete all of the haunted houses as it was really too time consuming to queue. Oh wells, kind of wasted but the queue was REALLY TOO LLLLLOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG =(

I felt less spooked when Seb came to pick me home after tonight’s horror. (definitely not halloween, but roller coaster!) I guess Imma scary cat afterall. I can’t help but feel so damn proud of myself for surviving BATTLESTAR GALACTICA roller coaster. Instead of halloween memories, tonight was more of a breakthrough for me for having tried AND survived such a scary roller coaster.

To end off the night, I snapped a picture with an eerie “lady” behind me! I think she’s real.

This year, I didn’t take much pics as I spent most of the time enjoying the process of staring at the nitty gritty make up details of the halloween characters. All in all, it was quite interesting. I shall be back maybe in a few years time and hopefully I will remember to take more pictures then!

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