Beard Papa Sweets @ Bugis Junction

Side track: It’s not even anywhere near New Year / Chinese New Year so this box must be one of the many leftovers this year, 2012. Omg I can’t believe they’re still using it now that it’s SEPTEMBER?! Is business so bad O_o? LOL or maybe it’s for 2013 in advance?

Beard papa’s aroma never fails to entice me whenever I walk pass the shop. The crust is light and slightly crispy, the way I like it! No doubt it’s very fragrant too.

I like the mango yogurt cream filling. Slightly sourish sweet, fresh and creamy. Very refreshing bite made especially satisfying with its generous serving of cream. 4/5

Needless to say, a durian lover like me would naturally like the durian cream puff too. I love the durian cream thickness and smell. 4.5/5

The chocolate cream puff was too filling for me whereas the original vanilla cream puff was too plain. I got sick after eating halfway. 3/5

Prices are within the reasonable range of $2 to $3 for a pretty filling palm size cream puff.

I would buy the durian and mango yogurt ones again and again 🙂

Beard Papa Sweets (Bugis Junction)
Location: 230 Victoria Street, #B1-12A Bugis Junction, Singapore
Opens daily 10 am to 9.30 pm

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