STAR Concert @ The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay

First, happy 23rd birthday to my birthday boy, Sebastian Quek 🙂

We went for the STAR Concert @ The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay. See my first short visit here!

The concert is scheduled to start at 6.30pm till around 10pm. We reached around 4.30pm after getting stuck for half an hour queuing for parking lots. Man, what’s new in Singapore right?

Here’s the very first picture taken while we were walking along the STAR carnival, trying to figure out what’s happening. Cosplay? Caricature? Photo-taking? Free gifts? Donations?

In the end, we just squeezed through the crowd and went to Peach Garden Noodle House for an early dinner. The setting looks like a food court right? I was quite impressed that it still brought out the “Gardens by the Bay” feel with its decor! 🙂

I wanted to get some junk food at the STAR carnival F&B booth so we only had some light soup noodles for dinner. Very fresh prawns (the dumpling skin was quite thick though), super hot soup and normal thin noodles. It’s been a while since I ate something light like this for dinner so it felt quite homely. ^^ It’s $7.00 per bowl! ($8.19 after GST and svc charge to be exact)

Oh and this was the junk food I was talking about. $7.00 for this….. the prata was very hard and oily, the smoked duck wasn’t so tender and the vege was bitter. Bad!

Let’s move on! Highlight of the day: STAR Concert, here we come!

6pm – crowds already started to form! Man! Didn’t know STAR concert would be so popular.

6.30pm + – official concert starting time. I swear there were more people that weren’t captured in this shot!

The concert started with some performers whom I did not hear of before.. =x They did vocals, flute and basically loud music to induce the concert feel. Next, the very first band that came up was BOYS LIKE GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were super duper duper awesome and brought up everyone’s mood to a higher level. I love those rockers for making me look forward to hopefully equally good, if not better performances to come.

I think Boys like Girls performed for around an hour. I’m not a super fan of theirs but they were really very good and I enjoyed their grand performance. I wish I could be on the stage with them to feel how it’d be like to have so many people looking at you.

Well the birthday boy likes boys like girls! As for me, read on to see who attracted me most!

Next up – three solo local performers – 2004 Singapore Idol Winner Taufik Batisah, 2006 Singapore Idol Winner Hady Mirza and finally Tanya Chua, Golden Melody Award-winning Singaporean singer and songwriter. Hmm, I would say Taufik did a very good dance performance, Hady did some malay songs which I caught no ball and Tanya was an amazing bilingual singer who kept switching between English and Mandarin songs. Haha.

Everyone got impatient when Tanya seemed to have quite a couple of songs to share… I admit I was also one of those impatient ones because I really really waited very long for the final performance. X_X

WHO? WHO? WHO? WHO? 4 MINUTE. Yes K Pop Korean Hot Girls 4 minute! I was attracted solely because of 4 minute, I admit. =P

They FINALLY appeared around late 9pm (or was it 10pm)? Fans went mad, screamed, shouted, anything and everything when 4 minute finally got on stage. Saranghaeyo! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

After I FINALLY saw 4 minute, I felt like woah everything was so worth it. LOL. I’m not a mega mad fan but I was just very pleased that I got to see them in real life. They only did around a half hour performance? I could sense the fans disappointments BUT BUT BUT everyone got excited again when 4 minute did an ENCORE performance 🙂

Yay, I was overall satisfied with the STAR concert!

We ended our late night with DIY ice creams from ICE 3. Birthday boy chose rocky road while I picked mint. Rocky road was something chocolatey and marshmellowy, just the way I think he likes. The mint with choc chips was much more refreshing compared to the common mint I usually tasted. One thing I noticed about the ice creams – they don’t melt so easily! It’s quite sticky chewy type which I really liked. Super cooling! Heh. We had sliced bananas, chopped strawberries, brownie cubes and walnuts as our toppings. Heavenly match. One of the best DIY desserts we enjoyed together.

Happy birthday!

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