PCY 18th, 19th, 20th Birthday, Perfect 21st Birthday Party, Hello Kitty Surprise 22nd Birthday Party




It was a pleasant surprise by my brother to buy a cake with my name customised on it! 😀

And this year it was a squarish cake!

Happy birthday to myself!!!!!!!!!!

I love my family!

Being 18 means I’m more or less an adult right? =P



Our yearly simple home celebration!

Nothing fanciful, just a normal birthday cake with a birthday song. I love my family!



Surprise mini cake from Angela, Hui Xin and Priscilla!


Card written by them….. such a sweet surprise (“,)


And a beloved red bling bling bag!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks ladies!


My simple home celebration at night was fantastic too!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love my family! 😀


Happy birthday to me

Happy birthday to me

Happy 20th birthday to PCY

Happy birthday to me!


My dearest family organised a perfect 21st home party for me

My dearest family organised a perfect 21st home party for me

Afternoon Batch - Family & Relatives

Afternoon Batch – Family & Relatives (my family’s so big that not all relatives pics are posted up of course!)

It’s an overview summary of so much love 😀

Early birds with 4 photobooths opportunities

Early birds friends with 4 photobooths opportunities

All decorations are handcrafted and put up by my dearest dad; I dare say nobody loves me more than he does in this world!

Sincere secondary school girls

Night Batch – sincere secondary school girls

Poly friends enjoying buffet dinner

Poly friends enjoying neo garden’s buffet dinner

I love my friends

More and more people coming

I didn’t have the luxury of time to catch up in details with each and everyone of you, but thank you so much for your attendance! I sincerely appreciate your time with me hehe 😀

Those considered got heart guys :p

Those considered got heart guys :p

I just can't thank my family enough

I just can’t thank my family enough

Rare visitors :)

Rare visitors 🙂

Every single guest gets a welcome-cum-thank-you gift, handwrapped by my family & I. Inclusive of mini personalised thank you card typed by yours truly! 😀

Wish Come True

Wishes Come True

The cake was such a good surprise with crunchy nuts in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Polaroids collection

Everything was so perfect!


Snippets of my hello kitty birthday surprise party organised by Sebastian Quek.

I don’t see them everyday and I don’t chat with them everyday. Sometimes I don’t even know what they’re doing in their lives right now. Nevertheless, they’re the early birds for today’s surprise birthday party for me, and they’re the ones whom I call my sincere friends. Thank you for giving me the glimpse of hope that true friends still exist, even when we may only meet once a year. =)

I see them everyday. I love them. I can’t live without them. Thank you my family for keeping the surprise party secret so well and the awesome buffet spread.

The first surprise. 22 hello kitty cupcakes. In my opinion, they were very well done. Cute, colourful, simply pretty. Thank you Sebastian Quek.

The second surprise. WoW. Cutest and coolest hello kitty ever. You really know my pattern. Thank you Low Yong Sheng for being able to read me like a book.

The third surprise. Peifen darhling, the one and only close primary school friend of mine till to date. She’s a hello kitty fan too! Thank you for the glittery hello kitty iphone cover and the hello kitty portable charger. They’re so useful that I’m using both now already. Heh.

The fourth surprise. Candy’s parents also came! Omg! *Honoured* Hongda came too! *winks to Da Jie* Thank you Candy for always being a reliable big sister.

The fifth surprise. A princessy hello kitty cake. I love its wink. Thank you again, Sebastian Quek.

My family. Thank you for always giving me the best.

Seb’s family. Thank you everybody for being so supportive. I may not be as loud and chirpy as you all but I’ve always appreciated the warmness you all showered me.

Friends. Thank you everyone for your presence. We may not be the closest of friends but I’m grateful to all for being here with me today. ^^

Once again, here’s the awesome hello kitty cupcakes. Simply splendid! Thank you to the makers of these cupcakes, whoever you are!

People, thank you for all of your gifts!

Dear organiser, something for you:

I know it must have been hard on you to organise such a surprise event for the first time. My friends might most probably not respond, your friends might not even care and generally it’s just challenging to make things work. People are the hardest to control. They will say ok one minute and then not ok at the very last minute, leaving you at a loss. Your mood is spoilt. Your money is wasted. Your effort is not appreciated. But what can you do man?

Readers who organised events before would understand what I meant and most probably faced the same situation, right in their face.

Screw ups, displeasure, awkwardness. Whatever negative connotations.

Nevertheless, I’m very thankful that you put in your best effort to give me a memorable 22nd birthday celebration. Looking back at these pictures, you had done a very good job for a first time effort! *Kudos* Thank you once again for everything you’ve done for me.

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