Fat Fish @ Sembawang Shopping Centre

What a cute name – Fat Fish.

Sembawang Shopping Centre is neither a popular shopping centre nor a popular dining location, but well there’re still decent shops and food for those living nearby.

It’s a 20 minutes walking distance from my house btw! D:

They currently offer porridge buffet, and the dishes mirror home cooked ones in my opinion.

First, I’ve no idea why there’s pau. I mean.. if got dim sum please give me more selection… why just have one type of pau only? Neither here nor there I thought

And guess what most people did?

Just spam the chicken wings and drumsticks. Hot, crispy, tasty. Spam only! It’s the only dish that always got wiped out fast. Looks like most customers like me don’t really like all the other available dishes…. well they’re kinda cheap ingredients too so I thought it’s not worth for a “buffet”. I mean, it’s not like we get to spam eat sashimi and feel that’s more worth the $$$$$$$$$$$ and buffet feel. So clearly, everyone was so intelligent and just aimed for the chicken wings and drumsticks! Gosh.. we all are $$ minded even when it comes to choosing food. Singapore is just too realistic.

Somehow they offer nasi lemak and mee siam too. So you can have porridge, nasi lemak and mee siam all tgt! Suitable for those who really don’t know what they wanna eat and eat a bit of whatever’s available here and there.

The overall feel I got was a bit of a disorganised buffet. Maybe I was looking for a wider range and better quality of food, not the typical home cooked ones. Still, it’s a new place and maybe they’re just trying out what best combi to serve. Hopefully if I were to return I’ll get to see an improved buffet!

Fat Fish @ Sembawang Shopping Centre

604 Sembawang Road #B1-12/13/14 Sembawang Shopping Centre (SSC)

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