The Marmalade Pantry @ 55 Fairways Drive

PCY TODAY’S SPECIALS – House, The Marmalade Pantry (PCY Recommendation!)House @ 8D Dempsey Road. Been wanting to try the high tea but I came on the wrong day, time and feel so it’s a very short touch and go post.Nevertheless, it’s spacious and a seemingly okay place to chill. However, it was too noisy for me so I didn’t like it. Plus, I wasn’t feeling too good so the mood was just wrong for me. Way too noisy!!!!!!!!Truffle fries for $7. One word – expensive. I thought it’s some heavenly snack but no… they were pretty normal like mac’s fries. No doubt it had this weird taste like wasabi or what in it that I can’t describe, but the overall feel was just like any other normal fries after eating much of it. In my opinion, I regretted ordering the fries big time.Tau sa pau for $2.50. Still on the expensive side but it’s one of the cheapest items in the menu already. Extremely soft, hot and fluffy so it’s a good bite. Good to try if you like paus.

Overall, I’ve not much comments cos I only tried two snacks but I doubt I’ll return cos I got really turned off by the noisy environment.

Next up – The Marmalade Pantry, located beside my favourite Riders Cafe @ Bukit Timah Saddle Club.I’ve always loved the peace and the greenery here, and indeed it made me felt calm for a while.I can’t emphasise enough how thankful I’m for the peace and tranquility here! Yeah I like quiet dining places.The lightings and feel was calm and slightly romantic too. Good for quiet eats!Mushroom risotto. Kinda like cheesy sticky rice with many mushrooms in it. Mushrooms, cheese and rice lovers would probably like this simple and easy to eat dish. But sadly, like I mentioned I wasn’t feeling all too good and so I didn’t eat a lot of it despite it’s $22. Nevertheless, the overall atmosphere was acceptable though I still think it’s….. expensive. Blah!

Marmalade Pantry at The Stables (Fairways Drive)

55 Fairways Drive Singapore 286846

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