Mother’s Day 2012 – Ocean Spoon Dining @ SAF Yacht Club

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY IN ADVANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PCY TODAY’S SPECIALS – Empire State, Yami Yogurt, Ocean Spoon Dining (PCY Recommendation!)

Empire State
Location: 1 Woodlands Square, #02-10/K10 Causeway Point, Singapore
Opens daily 10am to 11pm

I love the crab pasta sauce! UPz. 9/10. Altho IDK why it’s named crab pasta when apparently it’s just prawns and pasta. Big serving, good to share for small eaters.

The latest creation seafood pizza was not bad too! Another good item for sharing. The bread’s a bit thick so I got tired of chewing. 7/10.

Yami Yogurt
Location: Causeway Point 1 Woodlands Square #B1-K22

I like the blackcurrant yogurt cos it’s not too sweet and purple’s my fav colour =P. I always match my yogurt with some seeds or nuts to chew. Heh. 8.5/10.

Now let’s move on to today’s highlight – Ocean Spoon Dining @ SAF Yacht Club, 43 Admiralty Road West, Singapore 759962.

My dinner with my family! I brought them to SAF yacht club for the sea view and breeze on this cooling evening. Heh. By the way, I was quite shocked when I saw that its name has been changed from “Galley by the Straits” to “Ocean Spoon Dining” within less than a month since my last visit. Like wow.

I heard they are famous for their curry fish head so we decided to try it today. It was so so to me cos I’m not a curry person, and I found that it tasted a bit too salty like roti prata fish curry.

The dessert was normal coz I like longans in ice!

Herbal chicken – Good, soft chicken with a strong but fragrant herb taste.
Baby kailan – Alright, but a bit hard.
Yam Ring – Crispy and filling, very pretty, colourful and not too sweet.

Loving the breezy place and day~

Happy mother’s day in advance to mummy and all mums who are reading this!

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